1998 C.A.S. Award
Winners were announced at the C.A.S. Awards Banquet
on March 6, 1999

C.A.S. Career Achievement Award

Gene Cantamessa

Feature Films

Keith A. Wester, C.A.S. - Production Mixer
Timothy P. Salmon - Boom Operator
Randy Nielson - 2nd Boom Operator
Greg Salmon - Utility Sound Technician
Doug Schulman - 2nd Unit Production Mixer
Greg Frazier - 2nd Unit Boom Operator

The Horse Whisperer
Tod A. Maitland, C.A.S. - Production Mixer

The Mask of Zorro
Pud Cusack - Production Mixer
David Allen Smith - Boom Operator
Leon Sandoval - Utility Sound Technician

WINNER - Saving Private Ryan
Ron Judkins, C.A.S.  - Production Mixer

The X-Files Movie
Geoffrey Patterson, C.A.S. - Production Mixer

Television Movie-of-the-Week, Mini-Series or Special

WINNER - "From the Earth to the Moon" - Part 12 - Mini-Series
Production Mixer- Joseph Foglia, C.A.S.

"Mama Flora's Family" - Part 2 - Mini-Series
Production Mixer- Mary Ellis

"The Rat Pack"  - MOW
Production Mixer- Felipe Borrero, C.A.S.

"The Temptations" - Part 1 - Mini-Series
Production Mixer- Russel Williams II

"Winchell" - MOW
Production Mixer- Richard R. VanDyke, C.A.S.

Television Series

Ally McBeal  "Making Spirits Bright" 
Paul Lewis - Production Mixer

WINNER - Buffy the Vampire Slayer  "Lover's Walk"
David Barr-Yaffee, C.A.S. - Production Mixer

Chicago Hope  "100 and One Damnations"
Russell Fager, C.A.S. - Production Mixer

ER  "Exodus" 
Lowell Harris, C.A.S. - Production Mixer

Jag  "Gypsy Eyes"
Sean Rush - Production Mixer

N.Y.P.D. Blue  "Hearts and Souls" 
Joe Kenworthy, C.A.S. - Production Mixer

(Note: there are 6 television series nominees due to a tie)

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