2007 Cinema Audio Society Awards

2007 C.A.S. Career Achievement Award Honoree
2007 C.A.S. Filmmaker Award Honoree
Gilbert Cates WINNER
Motion Pictures
Re-recording Mixers Jon Taylor, CAS  Christian Minkler
Production MixerJose Antonio Garcia
Blood Diamond
Re-recording Mixers Andy Nelson  Anna Behlmer
Production Mixer Ivan Sharrock, CAS
Dreamgirls  WINNER
Re-recording Mixers Michael Minkler, CAS  Bob Beemer, CAS
Production Mixer Willie D. Burton, CAS
Flags of our Fathers
Re-recording Mixers John Reitz  Gregg Rudloff  David E. Campbell
Production Mixer Walter Martin Jr., CAS
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
Re-recording Mixers Paul Massey, CAS  Christopher Boyes
Production Mixer Lee Orloff, CAS
Television Movies and Mini-Series
Re-recording Mixer Andre Perreault  Ken Burton, CAS
Production Mixer Lisa Pinero, CAS
Flight 93  WINNER
Re-recording Mixers Mark Linden  Tara A. Paul  Liam Lockhart  Harry Snodgrass
Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Adventures – “Sharks at Risk”
Re-recording Mixer Paul James Zahnley, CAS
Production Mixer Mike Westgate
Sleeper Cell – Part 7 – “Fitna”
Re-recording Mixers Elmo Ponsdomenech  Joe Earle, CAS
Production Mixer Steve Weiss, CAS
Re-recording Mixers Sergio Reyes  Tim Borquez, CAS   Kevin Burns, CAS
Production Mixer Stephen Halbert, CAS
Television Series
Deadwood - “A Two-Headed Beast”  WINNER
Re-recording Mixers R. Russell Smith, CAS  William Freesh
Production Mixer Geoffrey Patterson, CAS
Heroes - “Genesis”
Re-recording Mixers Gerry Lentz, CAS  Rich Weingart
Production Mixer Kenn Fuller, CAS
Lost - “I Do”
Re-recording Mixers Frank Morrone, CAS  Scott Weber
Production Mixer Robert Anderson, CAS
The Sopranos - “Members Only”
Re-recording Mixers Kevin Burns, CAS  Todd Orr
Production Mixer Mathew Price, CAS
24 - “Day 5: 7:00 A.M. - 8:00 A.M.”
Re-recording Mixers Michael Olman, CAS  Kenneth Kobett, CAS
Production Mixer William Gocke, CAS
Television – Non-Fiction, Variety or Music - Series or Specials
Deadliest Catch - “Cashing In”
Re-recording Mixer Bob Bronow, CAS
Great Performances: “South Pacific” In Concert From Carnegie Hall
Re-recording Mixers Ken Hahn, CAS  Jay David Saks
Location Sound Mixer David Hewitt, CAS
Location Sound Recording Bill King
Into The Firestorm - “Going South”
Re-recording Mixer Bob Bronow, CAS
Nova – “The Great Robot Race”
Re-recording Mixer Susan Hartford
Production Mixers Chris Strollo  Scott Harber, CAS  Doug Dunderdale
Paul McCartney: The Space Within Us WINNER
Re-recording Mixer Matt Foglia, CAS
Music Mixer David Kahne
DVD Original Programming
Air Buddies
Re-recording Mixers Samuel Lehmer  Brad Hillman
Production Mixer Tim Richardson
American Pie 5: The Naked Mile
Re-recording Mixers Mark Rozett, CAS  Kelly Vandever, CAS
Production Mixer Robert Scherer
Bring It On: All or Nothing
Re-recording Mixers Mark Rozett, CAS  Kelly Vandever, CAS
Production Mixer David Kirschner
Brother Bear 2
Re-recording Mixers Terry O'Bright, CAS  Keith Rogers, CAS
Original Dialogue Recording Doc Kane, CAS
Ultimate Avengers: The Movie WINNER
Re-recording Mixer Mike Draghi, CAS
Original Dialogue Recording Eric Lewis
CAS Technical Achievement Award Nominees
Production Technologies
Sound Devices 744T Recorder WINNER
Lectrosonics SM 400 Wireless Transmitter
Rycote Under/Overcovers
Schoeps CMIT 5U Shotgun Microphone
Sound Devices 744T Recorder
Post Production Technologies
Digidesign Pro Tools (V7.2 software)
AMS/Neve Gemini Console
Cedar DNS 2000
Digidesign ICON
Digidesign Pro Tools (V7.2 software) WINNER

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Video Assist Technicians and Studio Projectionists

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