2008 Cinema Audio Society Awards

Motion Pictures:

The Bourne Ultimatum
Production MixerKirk Francis, CAS 
Re-recording MixersScott Millan, CAS 
 David Parker 
Into the Wild
Production MixerEdward Tise 
Re-recording MixersMichael Minkler, CAS 
 Lora Hirschberg 
No Country for Old Men
Production MixerPeter Kurland, CAS 
Re-recording MixersSkip Lievsay 
 Craig Berkey 
 Greg Orloff, CAS 
Production MixerPatrick Rousseau 
Re-recording MixersChris Jenkins, CAS 
 Frank Montano 
Production MixerPeter J. Devlin, CAS 
Re-recording MixersKevin O’Connell 
 Greg P. Russell, CAS 

Television Movies and Mini-Series:

Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee
Production MixerGeorge Tarrant 
Re-recording MixersRick Ash 
 Edward C. Carr III, CAS 
The Company - Part 2
Production MixerMac Ruth, CAS 
Re-recording MixersNello Torri, CAS 
 Alan Decker, CAS 
High School Musical 2
Production MixerDouglas Cameron 
Re-recording MixersTerry O’Bright, CAS 
 Keith Rogers, CAS 
The Kill Point - Part 5 - The Great Ape Escape
Production MixerJames M. Emswiller, CAS 
Re-recording MixersRobert Appere, CAS  
 Ethan Beigel 
Tin Man - Part 1 - Into The Storm
Production MixerEric Lamontagne 
Re-recording MixersIain Pattison 
 Paul A. Sharpe 
 Graeme Hughes 

Television Series:

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - "Living Doll"
Production MixerMick Fowler, CAS 
Re-recording MixersYuri Reese, CAS 
 Bill Smith 
Jericho - "Why We Fight"
Production MixerPhillip W. Palmer, CAS 
Re-recording MixersSherry Klein, CAS 
 Fred Tator, CAS 
Scrubs - "My Musical"
Production MixerJoe Foglia, CAS 
Re-recording MixersJohn W. Cook, CAS 
 Peter Nusbaum, CAS 
The Sopranos - "The Blue Comet"
Production MixerMathew Price, CAS 
Re-recording MixersKevin Burns, CAS 
 Todd Orr 
24 - "Day 6: 10:00 P.M. - 11:00 P.M."
Production MixerWilliam Gocke, CAS 
Re-recording MixersMichael Olman, CAS 
 Kenneth Kobett, CAS 

Television — Non-Fiction, Variety or Music - Series or Specials:

A&E Rocks: Bon Jovi
Audio/Stereo & 5.1 MixerObie O’Brien 
Deadliest Catch: The Unforgiving Sea
Re-recording MixerBob Bronow, CAS 
Faces of Earth: The Human World
Original Dialogue RecordingAaron Mason 
Re-recording MixersMichael Olman, CAS 
 Kenneth Kobett, CAS 
Great Performances at the Met: The Magic Flute
Production MixerBill King 
Music Mixer - Live PerformanceJay Saks 
Re-recording MixersKen Hahn, CAS 
 John Bowen 
The War: Episode 2 - When Things Get Tough
Re-recording MixerDominick Tavella, CAS 
Voice-Over RecordingLou Verrico 
Location Sound RecordingBrenda Ray 
 Mark Roy 

DVD Original Programming:

Bring It On: In It To Win It
Production MixerJoe Foglia, CAS 
Re-recording MixerKelly Vandever, CAS 
Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme
Original Dialogue RecordingEric Lewis 
Re-recording MixerMike Draghi, CAS 
Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society
English Dialogue RecordingCollin McQueen 
Re-recording MixerChristopher Elam, CAS 
The Invincible Iron Man
Original Dialogue RecordingEric Lewis 
Re-recording MixerMike Draghi, CAS 
Species: The Awakening
Production MixerGabriel Coll Barberis 
Re-recording MixersAlec St. John 
 Derek Marcil, CAS 

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