2004 Emmy Awards

Outstanding Single-Camera Sound Mixing For A Series

    Alias  Hourglass ABC  Touchstone Television
    Robert Appere,C.A.S. Re-Recording Mixer
    Edward Carr III,C.A.S. Re-Recording Mixer
    Douglas Axtel,C.A.S. Production Sound Mixer

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Grissom vs. The Volcano  CBS An Alliance Atlantis production in association with CBSP
    Yuri Reese, Re-Recording Mixer
    Bill Smith, Re-Recording Mixer
    Mick Fowler,C.A.S. Production Sound Mixer

    The Sopranos Irregular Around The Margins HBO  Chase Films/Brad Grey Television in association with HBO Original Programming
    Kevin Burns,C.A.S. Re-Recording Mixer
    Todd Orr, Re-Recording Mixer
    Mathew Price, C.A.S., Production Sound Mixer

    24 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM  FOX Imagine Television and 20th Century Fox Television in association with Real Time Productions
    Michael Olman,C.A.S., Re-Recording Mixer
    Kenneth Kobett,C.A.S., Re-Recording Mixer
    Bill Gocke, Production Sound Mixer

    The West Wing  Gaza  NBC John Wells Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television Productions, Inc.
    Gary D. Rogers,C.A.S. Re-Recording Mixer
    Dan Hiland,C.A.S. Re-Recording Mixer
    Patrick Hanson,C.A.S. Production Sound Mixer

Outstanding Single-Camera Sound Mixing
For A Miniseries Or A Movie

    Angels In America • Part 2 - Perestroika • HBO
    An Avenue Pictures production in association with HBO Films
    Lee Dichter, Re-Recording Mixer
    Ron Bochar, Re-Recording Mixer
    James J. Sabat, Production Sound Mixer

    Horatio Hornblower • Part 1 - Loyalty • A&E
    An A&E/Granada co-production
    Colin Martin, Re-Recording Mixer
    Rudi Buckle, Production Sound Mixer

    Ike: Countdown To D-Day • A&E
    A&E Network/Lionel Chetwynd Productions/Stephanie Germain Productions in association with Sony Pictures Television
    Wayne Heitman, Re-Recording Mixer
    Alan Decker, Re-Recording Mixer
    Tim Philben, Re-Recording Mixer
    Tony Johnson, Production Sound Mixer

    Something The Lord Made • HBO
    Cort/Madden Productions in association with HBO Films
    Rick Ash, Re-Recording Mixer
    Adam Jenkins, Re-Recording Mixer
    Bruce Litecky, Production Sound Mixer

    Traffic: The Miniseries • Part 1 • USA
    Galway Bay Productions, Inc.
    Kevin Burns, Re-Recording Mixer
    Marc Fishman, Re-Recording Mixer
    Tony Lamberti, Re-Recording Mixer
    Eric Batut, Production Sound Mixer

Outstanding Multi-Camera Sound Mixing
For A Series Or Special

    Everybody Loves Raymond • The Model • CBS
    HBO Independent Productions and Worldwide Pants Incorporated in association with Where’s Lunch Productions, Inc.
    Kathy Oldham, Re-Recording Mixer
    John Bickelhaupt, Re-Recording Mixer
    Brentley Walton, Production Sound Mixer

    Frasier • The Doctor Is Out • NBC
    Grub Street Productions in association with Paramount Pictures
    Thomas J. Huth, C.A.S., Re-Recording Mixer
    Andre Caporaso, Re-Recording Mixer
    Robert Douglass, Re-Recording Mixer
    Dana Mark McClure, Production Sound Mixer

    Friends • The Last One, Part 1 & 2 • NBC
    Bright/Kauffman/Crane in association with Warner Bros. Television Productions, Inc.
    Charles McDaniel III, Re-Recording Mixer
    John Bickelhaupt, Re-Recording Mixer
    Dana Mark McClure, Production Sound Mixer

    Will & Grace • Courting Disaster • NBC
    NBC Studios, Inc. in association with KoMut Entertainment and Three Sisters Entertainment
    Kathy Oldham, Re-Recording Mixer
    Craig Porter, Re-Recording Mixer
    Peter Damski, Production Sound Mixer

Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Variety Or
Music Series Or Special

    A&E In Concert: Paul McCartney In Red Square • A&E
    Produced by MPL Tours, Ltd. in association with A&E Network
    Michael Brauer, Sound Mixer
    Matt Foglia, Sound Mixer

    A&E In Concert: Sting: Sacred Love • A&E
    RFD Productions for A&E Network
    Nathaniel Kunkel, Sound Mixer
    Simon Osborne, Sound Mixer

    The 76th Annual Academy Awards • ABC
    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
    Edward J. Greene, Audio Mixer
    Tom Vicari, Orchestra Mixer
    Robert Douglass, Audio Mixer
    Patrick Baltzell, House PA Mixer

    Harry Connick, Jr.: “Only You” In Concert (Great Performances) • PBS
    A co-production of Conn-X Productions, Inc. and Thirteen/WNET New York
    Gregg Rubin, Music Mixer
    François Lamoureux, Music Mixer

    The Tonight Show With Jay Leno • Live New Year’s Eve Show • NBC
    Big Dog Productions in association with NBC Studios, Inc.
    Patrick Lucatorto, Audio Mixer
    Richard Dillon, Monitor Mixer
    Patrick Smith, House Band Mixer
    Phillip Gephardt, Sound Mixer
    Kenneth Gomez, Location Mixer

Outstanding Sound Mixing For Nonfiction
Programming (Single Or Multi-Camera)

    The Amazing Race • I Could Never Have Been Prepared For What I’m Looking At Right Now • CBS
    Amazing Race Productions Inc. and Touchstone Television productions, LLC in association with Jerry Bruckheimer Television
    and WorldRace Productions, Inc.
    Troy Smith, Re-Recording Mixer

    American Masters • Judy Garland: By Myself • PBS
    Thirteen/WNET New York and Turner Entertainment Co.
    Ed Campbell, Sound Mixer

    Dinosaur Planet • Alpha’s Egg; Pod’s Travel • Discovery Channel
     • Evergreen Films for Discovery Channel
    Michael Olman, C.A.S., Re-Recording Mixer
    Kenneth Kobett, C.A.S., Re-Recording Mixer

    Failure Is Not An Option • The History Channel
    Lone Wolf Pictures for The History Channel
    Geof Thurber, Re-Recording Mixer

    Survivor • They’re Back • CBS
    SEG, Inc. Terrance Dwyer, Re-Recording Mixer
    Jeremy Ireland, Production Sound Mixer

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