2005 Emmy Awards

Outstanding Single-Camera Sound Mixing For A Series

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation • Down The Drain • CBS •
    Alliance Atlantis Productions in association with CBSP
    Mick Fowler, Production Sound Mixer
    Yuri Reese, Re-Recording Mixer
    Bill Smith, Re-Recording Mixer

    Deadwood • A Lie Agreed Upon, Part I • HBO • Red Board
    Productions and Paramount Television in association
    with HBO Entertainment
    Geoffrey Patterson, Production Mixer
    R. Russell Smith, Re-Recording Mixer
    William Freesh, Re-Recording Mixer

    Lost • Outlaws • ABC • Touchstone Television
    Michael Moore, Production Sound Mixer
    Scott Weber, Re-Recording Mixer
    Frank Morrone, Re-Recording Mixer

    24 • 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM • FOX • Real Time Productions in
    association with Imagine Television and 20th Century Fox
    Bill Gocke, Production Sound Mixer
    Michael Olman, Supervising Re-Recording Mixer
    Kenneth Kobett, Supervising Re-Recording Mixer

    The West Wing • 2162 Votes • NBC • John Wells
    Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television,
    Patrick Hanson, Sound Mixer
    Gary D. Rogers, Re-Recording Mixer
    Dan Hiland, Re-Recording Mixer

Outstanding Single-Camera Sound Mixing For A Miniseries Or A Movie

    Faith Of My Fathers • A&E • A&E Networks in association
    with Traveler’s Rest Films, Alan Barnette Productions,
    Jaffe/Braunstein Films Ltd. and Louisiana Institute of
    Film Technology, LLP
    Richard Schexnayder, Production Sound Mixer
    Mark Linden, Re-Recording Mixer
    Tara Paul, Re-Recording Mixer
    Liam Lockhart, Re-Recording Mixer

    Lackawanna Blues • HBO • Bellah Films, Good Shepherd
    Production in association with HBO Films
    Susumu Tokunow, Production Mixer
    Rich Ash, Re-Recording Mixer
    Adam Jenkins, Re-Recording Mixer

    The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers • HBO • DeMann
    Entertainment and Company Pictures Production in
    association with HBO Films and BBC Films
    Simon Kaye, A.M.P.S., C.A.S., Production Mixer
    Rich Ash, Re-Recording Mixer
    Adam Jenkins, Re-Recording Mixer

    Warm Springs • HBO • A Deluxe Pictures production in
    association with HBO Films
    Mary Ellis, Production Mixer
    Rick Ash, Re-Recording Mixer
    Adam Jenkins, Re-Recording Mixer

    The Wool Cap • TNT • Rosemont Productions International
    Ltd. in association with Dag Pond/Sydnyk Works, MAGNA
    Global Entertainment and Viacom Productions
    Claude Lahaye, Sound Mixer
    Terry O’Bright, Re-Recording Mixer
    Bob Harman, Re-Recording Mixer

Outstanding Multi-Camera Sound Mixing For A Series Or Special

    Everybody Loves Raymond • Boys’ Therapy • CBS • HBO
    Independent Production and Worldwide Pants
    Incorporated in association with Where’s Lunch
    Productions, Inc.
    Brentley Walton, Production Mixer
    Kathy Oldham, Re-Recording Mixer
    John Bickelhaupt, Re-Recording Mixer

    That ‘70s Show • Angie • FOX • Carsey-Werner
    Productions, Inc.
    Vince Rohr, Sound Mixer
    Charlie McDaniel, Post Mixer
    Craig Porter, Laughs

    Two And A Half Men • Can You Eat Human Flesh With
    Wooden Teeth? • CBS • Warner Bros.
    Bruce Peters, Production Sound Mixer
    Kathy Oldham, Re-Recording Mixer
    Bob La Masney, Re-Recording Mixer
    Charlie McDaniel, Re-Recording Mixer

    Will & Grace • Friends With Benefits/Kiss And Tell • NBC
    • KoMut Entertainment in association with Three Sisters
    Entertainment and NBC Studios, Inc.
    Peter Damski, Production Mixer
    Kathy Oldham, Re-Recording Mixer
    Craig Porter, Re-Recording Mixer

Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Variety Or Music Series Or Special Or Animation

    77th Annual Academy Awards • ABC • Academy Of Motion
    Picture Arts And Sciences
    Edward J. Greene, Audio Director
    Tom Vicari, Orchestra Mixer
    Robert Douglass, Supplemental Audio
    Patrick Baltzell, House P.A.
    Jim Corbett, Pre-Production Mixer
    Bruce Buelman, Pre-Production Mixer

    American Idol • Finale • FOX • FremantleMedia N.A., Inc.
    & 19 TV Ltd.
    Klaus Landsberg, Audio Mixer
    Brian Riordan, Re-Recording Mixer

    Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival (Great
    Performances) • PBS • A co-production of Thirteen/WNET
    New York and Warner Strategic Marketing
    Elliot Scheiner, Supervising Audio Engineer
    Mick Guzauski, Mixing for Eric Clapton
    Ed Cherney, Audio Engineer
    Neil Dorfsman, Engineer

    Genius: A Night For Ray Charles • CBS • Ken Ehrlich
    Productions in association with AEG Live
    Evan Adelman, Production Mixer
    Paul Sandweiss, Music Mixer
    Robert LaMasney, Sweetener

    The 47th Annual Grammy Awards • CBS • Cossette
    Productions Inc./Ken Ehrlich Productions
    Edward J. Greene, SD Production Mixer
    Paul Sandweiss, 5.1 Production Mixer
    John Harris, Music Mixer
    Jay Vicari, Music Mixer
    Don Worsham, Production Playback Mixer
    Mikael Stewart, Dialogue PA Mixer
    Ron Reaves, Music PA Mixer
    Klaus Landsberg, Audience Production Mixer
    Robert LaMasney, Audience Sweetener

Outstanding Sound Mixing For Nonfiction Programming (Single Or Multi-Camera)

    The Amazing Race • We’re Moving Up The Food Chain •
    CBS • Amazing Race Productions Inc. and Touchstone
    Television Productions, LLC in association with Jerry
    Bruckheimer Television and WorldRace Productions Inc.
    Troy Smith, Re-Recording Mixer
    Jim Ursulak, Lead Audio
    Heron De Alencar, Audio
    Gary Azzinaro, Audio
    Kris Bagley, Audio
    Tyler Bender, Audio
    Stephen Crawley, Audio
    Dean Gaveau, Audio
    Brian Johnson, Audio
    Peter Jones, Audio
    Will Minchin, Audio
    Gustavo Gama Rodrigues, Audio
    Barry Weissman, Audio

    America’s Deadliest Season: Alaskan Crab Fishing •
    Discovery Channel • Original Productions for Discovery
    Bob Bronow, Sound Mixer

    American Idol • 401/402 • FOX • FremantleMedia N.A.,
    Inc. & 19 TV Ltd.
    Brian Riordan, Post-Audio Mixer

    Broadway: The American Musical • Oh, What A Beautiful
    Mornin’ • PBS • A co-production of Ghost Light Films,
    Thirteen/WNET New York, NHK, and BBC in association
    with Carlton International
    Ed Campbell, Re-Recording Mixer

    Survivor • Love Is In The Air, Rats Are Everywhere • CBS
    • SEG, Inc.
    Terrance Dwyer, Re-Recording Mixer
    Jeremy Ireland, Production Sound Mixer
    Christina Chin, Sound Mixer
    Tony Jensen, Sound Mixer
    Robert Mackay, Sound Mixer
    Terry Meehan, Sound Mixer
    Chris Kelly, Sound Mixer
    Molefi J. Chabane, Sound Mixer
    Dan Foster, Sound Mixer
    Michael Ormsby, Sound Mixer
    Steve Guercio, Sound Mixer
    Scott Hanlon, Sound Mixer
    Michael St. Hilaire, Sound Mixer
    Colette Stewart, Sound Mixer
    Jonathan Andrews, Sound Mixer
    Drew Levinson, Sound Mixer

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