2014 Emmy Awards

Best Production Sound...

For A Comedy Or Drama Series (One Hour)

    Breaking Bad Felina
    Darryl L. Frank, Production Mixer
    Jeffrey Perkins, Re-Recording Mixer
    Eric Justen, Re-Recording Mixer

    Downton Abbey Episode 8
    Alistair Crocker, Sound Mixer
    Nigel Heath, Re-Recording Mixer
    Alex Fielding, Re-Recording Mixer

    Game Of Thrones The Watchers On The Wall
    Ronan Hill, C.A.S., Production Mixer
    Richard Dyer, Production Mixer
    Onnalee Blank, C.A.S., Re-Recording Mixer
    Mathew Waters, Re-Recording Mixer

    Homeland Good Night
    Larry Long, Production Sound Mixer
    Nello Torri, Re-Recording Mixer
    Alan Decker, Re-Recording Mixer
    Larold Rebhun, Scoring Mixer

    House Of Cards Chapter 14
    Lorenzo Millan, Production Mixer
    Nathan Nance, Re-Recording Mixer
    Scott R. Lewis, Re-Recording Mixer

For A Miniseries Or A Movie

    American Horror Story: Coven
    Bruce Litecky, C.A.S., Production Mixer
    Joe Earle, C.A.S., Re-Recording Mixer
    Doug Andham, C.A.S., Re-Recording Mixer

    Fargo The Crocodile’s Dilemma
    Mike Playfair, Production Mixer
    David Raines, Re-Recording Mixer
    Mark Server, Re-Recording Mixer
    Chris Philp, Re-Recording Mixer

    Killing Kennedy
    William Britt, Production Mixer
    Mark Linden, Re-Recording Mixer
    Tara Paul, Re-Recording Mixer

    Sherlock: His Last Vow
    John Mooney, Sound Mixer
    Howard Bargroff, Re-Recording Mixer
    Doug Sinclair, ADR Mixer
    Peter Gleaves, ADR Mixer

    Treme Sunset On Louisianne
    Bruce Litecky, C.A.S., Production Mixer
    Andy Kris, Re-Recording Mixer
    Blake Leyh, Music Mixer

For A Comedy Or Drama Series (Half-Hour) And Animation

    Californication Kickoff
    Daniel Church, Sound Mixer
    Todd Grace, Re-Recording Mixer
    Edward C. Carr, Re-Recording Mixer

    Modern Family The Wedding, Part 1
    Stephen A. Tibbo, Production Mixer
    Dean Okrand, Re-Recording Mixer
    Brian R. Harman, Re-Recording Mixer

    Nurse Jackie The Lady With The Lamp
    Jan McLaughlin, Production Sound Mixer
    Peter Waggoner, Re-Recording Mixer

    The Simpsons Married To The Blob
    Mark Linden, Re-Recording Mixer
    Tara Paul, Re-Recording Mixer

    Veep Detroit HBO
    Bill MacPherson, Production Mixer
    Richard Davey, Re-Recording Mixer

For A Variety Series Or Special

    The Beatles: The Night That Changed America
    Larry Reed, Production Mixer
    Tom Holmes, Production Mixer
    Al Schmitt, Music Mixer
    Giles Martin, Music Mixer
    Josh Morton, Re-Recording Mixer

    The 56th Grammy Awards CBS
    Tom Holmes, Broadcast Production Mixer
    Eric Johnston, Playback Mixer
    John Harris, Broadcast Music Mixer
    Eric Schilling, Broadcast Music Mixer
    Mikael Stewart, House Production Mixer
    Ron Reaves, House Music Mixer
    Tom Pesa, Stage Mixer
    Michael Parker, Stage Mixer
    Pablo Munguia, Playback Mixer
    Paul Sandweiss, Package Mixer
    Bob LaMasney, Sweetening Mixer

    The Kennedy Center Honors
    John F. Kennedy Center
    Tom Holmes, Production Mixer
    Paul Sandweiss, Post Mixing (Music)
    Dave O’Donnell, Post Mixing (Music)
    Josh Morton, Post Mixing
    Patrick Baltzell, FOH Mixer

    The Oscars
    Paul Sandweiss, Production Mixer
    Tommy Vicari, Orchestra Mixer
    Biff Dawes, Music Mixer
    Pablo Munguia, Protools Mixer
    Kristian Pedregon, Post Production Mixer
    Patrick Baltzell, FOH Mixer
    Michael Parker, Monitor Mixer
    Bob LaMasney, Sweetening Mixer

    The Voice Episode 619A
    Michael Abbott, Production Mixer
    Kenyata Westbrook, Production Mixer
    Robert P. Matthews Jr., Production Mixer
    John Koster, Production Mixer
    Randy Faustino, Music Mixer
    Ryan Young, Post Production Mixer
    Christian Schrader, Supplemental Audio Mixer
    Tim Hatayama, Music Mix Recordist
    Michael Bernard, Music Sub Mixer
    Andrew Fletcher, FOH Mixer
    Bill Deitzman, Reality Stage Monitor Mixer
    Eddie Marquez, Production Sub Mixer

For Nonfiction Programming

    The Amazing Race Part Like The Red Sea
    Jim Ursulak, Production Mixer
    Dean Gaveau C.A.S., Production Mixer
    Jerry Chabane, Production Mixer
    Troy Smith, Re-Recording Mixer

    American Masters Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train A Comin’
    Eddie Kramer, Music Mixing
    Steve Crook, Re-Recording Mixer

    Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Tokyo
    Brian Bracken, Re-Recording Mixer

    COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey Standing Up
    Mark Hensley, Re-Recording Mixer
    Joel Catalan, Re-Recording Mixer
    Paul Arnoff, ADR Mixer
    David Torres, Foley Mixer

    Deadliest Catch Careful What You Wish For
    Bob Bronow, C.A.S., Re-Recording Mixer

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