24 frame equipment for the Fox feature “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”. This is just an “average” setup for Monty Swann, Alfred Ainsworth and Jim Unsinn, driving some 25 monitors from 8 Mac G4’s using Schindler converters for standard conversion for the plasma screens.

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Senator Mike Michaels returns from a meeting with Disney

Jack Solomon mixing FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER, on the flight deck of the carrier INDEPENDENCE.  He was also the boom man on CITIZEN KANE.  photo credit Bruce McBroom

Bryan Cahill
in the water off of
Montego Bay, Jamaica.

"Beautiful" 11/99
(left to right)
John Hays (boom op)
Sally Field (director)
Tim Song Jones (utility)
Pawel Wdowczak (production mixer)

Mixer Bob Israel, CAS
AT&T Spot 9/99
Photo by Tim Song Jones

On the set of the WB TV show "Roswell" at the Agua Dulce Airport
From left to right...
Kenn Fuller (Mixer)
Jaya Ramalingam (Utility)
Ken Beauchene (Boom)

Ken Beauchene - Boom Operator

Charles Bond - boom operator

Production Sound Mixer Mary Ellis and Boom Operator David Allen Smith near Erfoud, Morocco. We shot for two months at various locations there and in the States for "Hidalgo" (Disney).

Dave Schneider
Ken King
"Vegas Baby"

Ken King
"Stuffed in a Hummer"

Boom Operator
George W. Scott

Mixer Dan Monahan

Brion Condon
Boom Operator

Kenn Fuller (mixer), Ken Beauchene (Boom), and Dennis Fuller (Utility) on the pilot for Charlie Grace which starred Mark Harmon (04/95) on Mullholland above the Hollywood Bowl.

Tim Song Jones - Boom Operator
City Palace, Jaipur
Rajasthan, India 3/99
A set built for
"Perfumed Garden"

Tim Song Jones - Boom Operator
Khajuraho, India 2/98
Tim with actress
Rajeshwari Sachdev and
sound mixer Giovanni DiSimone

Tim Song Jones - Boom Operator
City Palace, Jaipur
Rajasthan, India 3/99
Tim with $28 Indian guitar ("givson"), a pot made out of pure silver (largest piece of silver on earth), and a ceremonial palace guard.

We have to listen to it
but we don't have to like it!

Lee Howell
Sound Mixer

“Con Air”
Mobility is the key for all ground troops

“Con Air”
OK, I don't need that wildline,
just stop shooting at my cart

“Con Air”
Fuller's Earth storm in Carson City, NV

"Con Air"
Production Sound Crew
Arthur Rochester (C)
Production Sound Mixer

Randy Johnson (L)
Boom Operator

Mark Grech (R)
Utility Sound Technician

Mark Ulano
at the Titanic

Beau Baker
Boom Operator

On location
demonstrating the
Proper Use
of a Fishpole

David Ronne
Sound Mixer

So You Wanna
Teach A Class?
Edward Moskowitz
Sound Mixer
and Instructor
of the Local 695 Seminar
"So You Wanna
Mix A Sitcom?"
shown here in the booth
on "Cybill"


photo of
Mike Fowler
(24 Frame Video
and Computer
on the set of
"Species 2"
shows how
intense things
can get.

Luis Fuerte

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