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Josie gives us the "thumbs up" on the last take

David Schneider and his littlest angel, Josie, CW's  on the set of "Everybody Hates Chris" season 3

Kenny Beauchene getting dance lessons from director Debbie Allen on the set of "Everybody Hates Chris" season 3

Lori Dovi (mixer) with David Allen Smith (boom) and Ross Levy (utility) on The Night Watchman.

Tom Stasinis CAS on set Entourage Season 4

Jimmy Norris on location in Iraq

Tim left edge of photo, Jimmy Norris and David Stafford with Scott camera asst.
"Everybody Loves Raymond" the last show.

Tim Fitsler on the set of "Everybody Loves Raymond" the last show.

David Stafford on set of "Everybody Loves Raymond"

Victoria Thoma-Bowes, Jim Tanenbaum and John Hays (left to right) on the movie “Over Her Dead Body”.

Bill Kaplan on the 24P movie "Next"

The sound crew of GREYS ANATOMY, (r to l) Derek Cloud, Beau Baker, and Kevin Maloney, bask in the glory of Sandra Oh's Golden Globe Award.

On the set of GREY'S ANATOMY, boomperson KEVIN MALONEY "reflects" on his job as Schlep-a-cam operator RON BALDWIN chases interns through the VA Hospital, in Northridge, California.

Boom Operator Ken Strain , working on the series "Over There"

“I don’t know why, but for some reason, this Camera Operator doesn’t seem to trust me.”

On the set of a Capital One “What’s in Your Wallet” commercial.

Fishpole provided by Glenn Berkovitz
Photo concept by Laurence B. Abrams

When it was simple... Ray Barrons & Bob Kyte, “Hart To Hart”, with TBS sound gear (c. 1979)

Scott D. Stolz, C.A.S. and Masi Oka on set of "Heroes"

The sound department for the greatest comedy show ever!  curb your enthusiasm.
Vince Schelly, Boom
Ron Hairston, Utility
Bill Macpherson, Mixer
Dale Stern A.D.
All improv, all wireless.

Michel Tyabji booms in the pumpkin patch, on set of the feature film "Apart From That" shot in Washington State.

Rosa Tyabji mixing for the feature film "Apart From That" at the Baker Lake Dam, Washington State.

R to L Mark Weingarten,
Mark Fay,
Tony Cox &
Larry Commans on “Bad Santa”.

Greg Agalsoff working on "E-Ring" for WB and Bruckheimer. Photo by Tim Song Jones

Boom Operator Ron Cooper working on "E-Ring" for WB and Bruckheimer. Photo by Tim Song Jones.

On the set at ER:
Brendan Beebe is the Boom Op with Ray Liotta in chains

On the set at ER:
James Clark is the sound mixer

On the set at ER:
Note microphone placement... perfectly on axis so as to capture every delicate audio nuance.

Sound Mixer Tom Stasinis & Boom Op C.Q. With the "Arrested Development" Emmy

Mixer Scott Stolz with his Deva and Cameo on location in Georgia for the film "The Derby Stallion" during March 2005. Photo by Tim Song Jones.

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