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Collins Sheilds (now retired) Sound Utility on "Impulse" 1990

Richard Wagner (deceased) Sound Mixer
Photo taken on Location in Texas on "Long Summer Of George Adams".  Note 1982 Warner Bros standard sound Package with 5-pin candie-striped cables

Dan Church (Mixer), Lance Wandling (Utility), "The Mentalist", somewhere in Griffith Park

Abel Schiro (Boom) "The Mentalist", backlot Warner Bros.

Dan Church (Mixer) "The Mentalist", Disney Ranch

Abel Schiro (Boom), Lance Wandling (Utility) "The Mentalist", all alone in Palmdale.

Gary Raymond - playback

Sound and Video Depts. Couples Retreat in Bora Bora
L to R
Gary Thomas, Scott LaRue, Tuhiva Lampert, Trudy Ramirez (script supervisor) Steve Cantamessa, Scott Crabbe, Jan

Gary Thomas In Bora Bora on "Couples Retreat"

Steve “Rabbit” Schuneman uses the Cuemaster on the backlot.

Joe Foglia, Peter Devlin, Brett Grant Grierson, Ray Rifice

Dennis Salcedo, circa 1974. Y-7 Optical Transfer Recordist at Universal Studios.

Jordet... Booming on the set of 'Sweet Potatoes'

Jim Corbin as EIC for KTLA at the Emmy's

David Halbert working on set of A&E's Season One of 'The Cleaner'

Tom Jao, right, on the set of Confessions of a Teen Idol, w/ Actor Chris Atkins of The Blue Lagoon.

Tom Jao, right, on a documentary in Portland OR with his Cameraman.

TV show:
    "It's Always Sunny in
Left to Right:
    George Flores(M)
    Valeria Ghiran(B)
    Mitchell Gebhard(U)
Photo courtesy of:
    Patrick McElhenney

This guy was very aggressive at getting good sound.
 Kevin Garnett & Brendan Beebe

Mixer - Steve Grothe
Boom Operator - William Munroe
Utility - Greg Gardner
Film - "A Perfect Getaway"

Fisher Boom training seminar

Boom Operator Chris Howland with Actor / Director Vincent Gallo on the set of "The Funeral Director" 2008

Standing left to right behind Alfred Molina are boom guy Tim Song Jones, mixer Robert Sharman and boom guy Aaron Grice. The feature was called "The Lodger" for Sony.

George Marshall (Boom) and Don Hale, take a wireless break on "Sports Science". (George had his shoes off while booming on floor pads)

Kennet Roy, Don Hale, and Rockey Reilly take a photo break on location in Rancho Santa Fe.

Rich Van Dyke in the Sahara Desert on the set of 'Body of Lies.'

Taking a catnap in the Sahara Desert on the set of 'Body of Lies.'

John  Agalsoff  on the set of "Everybody Hates Chris" season 3

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