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From a 1977 Dodge Car commercial, one of a series called the "car'nappers."  This shows Inspector Poirot exiting the train at Griffith Park's Travel Town and walking past a Panavision modified Mitchell and the sound crew on the right... Rich Van Dyke and Crew Chamberlain.

From "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." From the left to right, Aaron Ellis video assistant, the eyes of Willow Jenkins over the shoulder of the actor Jason Segal, Rich Van Dyke sound mixer, and Kraig Kishi boom operator.  On the right is make up artist Tracey Levy working on Kristen Bell, with her back to camera.

From the set of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," mostly gear and carts.  From the left is Chet Leonard's cart set up for ProTools playback, then Willow Jenkins and his video "array," and finally Rich Van Dyke's sound cart showing a Cooper 108+1, Deva II, and a Deva IV.

Ross Levy, on set of the film "My Friend Flicka," next to Rich Van Dyke's sound cart, showing a Cooper 108+1, Deva II, and a Stelladat.

From the film "Employee of the Month" this is the sound crew that finished the film. Left to right Stu Rudolph boom operator, Ben Patrick mixer, and Nick Carbone sound utility.

From the film, "Employee of the Month" with Matt Dillion film. Left to right, Nick Carbone sound utility and Stu Rudolph booming.

From the set of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," time for a quick sound and video crew photo! Left to right, Rich Van Dyke sound mixer,Willow "pie" Jenkins video assist, John Reynolds, CAS sound utility, Aaron Ellis video assistant, and Kraig Kishi boom operator.  Only Van Dyke and Reynolds and the photographer knew what was going to happen.  Must have fun while working!!

This is why Willow Jenkins’ video assist company is called "Chillowvision."  From the set of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

Boom Operator Patrick Martins watches Director Adam Shankman on the set of “Glee”

Arrested Development:
Tom Stasinis, Chriss "CQ" Quilty & Preston Conner

Tom Stasinis,   Entourage Season 7

Dan Peterson, working on “4th and Long”.
 ...“day way too long”

Two pictures of Boom Operator John Hays on location  with the movie "The Hungry Rabbit Jumps"

Sound Mixer Pawel Wdowczak on location  with the movie "The Hungry Rabbit Jumps"

Leonardo DiCaprio and Ridley Scott listening to the playback of a previously recorded phone call that Leo will be responding to in the upcoming scene.
Left to right: Peter Kohn (1st AD), Leonardo DiCaprio, Rich Van Dyke (Production Sound Mixer), Ridley Scott (Director), Anne Wells (Script Supervisor).

Boom operator Yervant Hagopian on the set of LIE TO ME at the Fox stage 8. Yes there is a scary boom operator under my bed.
Submitted by Tim S. Jones

On Location
Waikiki Beach
2nd unit LOST
submitted by David Schneider

Joe Foglia,
Anna Wilborn-Mayer, w/ child,
Kevin Santy.
On Location in Hollywood, CA

Tom Stasinis, CAS “Entourage”

Tom Stasinis, CAS “Entourage”

Tom Stasinis, CAS,
Emmys 2009
“Entourage” season 5

Don Zenz, Jeff Haddad and Mark C. Grech at Calvert Studios on the set of Melrose Place 2009

“Cold Case” with Gregg Frazier Boom, Doug Schulman Mixer, Tom Berry & Charlie Bond 2nd Boom

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