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Abel Shiro trying to keep up with Zach on wheels. “Baskets Season 2”

Russell H. White mixing “Baskets Season 2” in Fillmore (aka Middle Of Nowhere)

Russell H. White going mobile on the tracks.
“Baskets Season 2”

695'ers Brendan Beebe, Rebecca Chan and Jack Hill on American Horror Story 7

Sound Mixer Daniel S. McCOY, CAS with Boom Op Peter Ĝlsted and Utility, Colin Sims mixing Black Label Media's next comedy "Sierra Burgess is A Loser"

Eddie Casares,
Sam Hamer
and Ted Hamer
on the set of
“Transparent” Season 3

"Dennis Fuller dropping in on “Big Little Lies" in Monterey, California

Michael Moretti (video assist) and Chris Neely (sound mixer) on the set of “The Muppets”.

“Hand of God” sound crew
Brendan Beebe, Dennis Fuller
Ted Hamer

Fathers and Sons working side by side on FX's Anger Management.
Martin Sheen
Eli Moskowitz
Charlie Sheen
Edward L Moskowitz, CAS

Shooting at Red Rock State Park near Mojave CA for the Kevin Bacon horror film "6 Miranda Dr." June 2014. Tim Song Jones on the boom.

Jane Allison Fleck, recordist at "Anger Management," simultaneously recording 10 video streams on CineDecks, backup video recordings on four HDCam VTR's, H264 files on an AJA Black Magic recorder for LightIron's LivePlay instant onset dailies system, plus a normal technical QC of program content during recording. Jane keeps tabs on 14 monitors and 10 VU meters during capture, then immediately handles file QA and recorded MXF file transfer.  Outbreaks of spontaneous laughter are a job benefit.

Derrick Cloud braving the elements on Greys Anatomy.

Bryan Cahill swinging an MKH 70 for the series finale of Big Time Rush

Production Sound crew from a pilot called “Gates”

Chris "Catfish" Walmer - Utility Sound Technician

Devendra Cleary - Production Sound Mixer

Jeffory Haddad - Music Playback Operator

Tim Salmon - Boom Operator

David Kelson
The Walking Dead
Episode 1

Brendan Beebe navigating two camera's with 12:1 zooms.  Is it wide?  Is it tight?  Yes.

Gary Boatner with the fishpole on the set of “The Jersey” watching out for Junior Seau.

Jon Ailetcher (left) and Gary Boatner filming a scene for “Election” on top of a roof top in the Omaha freezing cold.

Gary Boatner (left) and Lee Howell.

Gary Boatner on the set of “Medium.”

Don Zenz.and Gary Boatner ship bound.

Gary Boatner on the sand dunes.

On “X Factor, Lalo Guzman in 108 temp with 30-minute takes making it look easy.

Production Sound Mixer Pawel Wdowczak at work on the film "Don Jon's Addiction", with writer/director/star Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the video monitor.

Tim Song Jones booming Sandra Oh for "Grey's Anatomy" on Big Bear Lake.

Brendan Beebe booming dialogue in 60 MPH winds with full loads Tommy gun fire in Hollywood.

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