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Without Union affiliation, you are alone and isolated at the lowest end of the work environment, lacking the means to protect your self-interests. Your personal experience will likely confirm the fact that alone, you have very little negotiating power against a Producer determined to give you as little as possible.

With Union affiliation, you are participating in critical decisions that affect your life, such as wages, continuing education, medical care for yourself and your family, holiday pay, retirement benefits, safe work conditions and professional representation in the work place. With over 100,000 IATSE workers on your side, there is, indeed, strength in numbers.

Labor organizations in this country have sustained setbacks in recent years, but a dramatic turnabout is now afoot. Get on board for one of the most historic rebirths in labor history.

Better Conditions and Better Pay
Local 695 and the IATSE have negotiated hard and long with Producers to assure safe and decent working conditions for its members. Yes, it is an uphill battle and it often seems like the producer is taking some of it away from us. But with its large membership, the IATSE and Local 695 can demand, and usually receive, the conditions and terms most essential for the membership. Our priorities include insuring the physical safety of our members, protecting your job security, and obtaining fair benefits and wages that continue to grow.

Superior Health Insurance
Local 695 members can qualify for one of the finest medical plans available. You and your entire family can choose from a range of options, whether you select an HMO or you continue to use your own doctors. Coverage includes benefits omitted from most health plans, such as pregnancy, dental and eye care, acupuncture, chiropractors, pharmaceuticals and psychologists.

A Pension Plan for Your Future
As soon as you become a member, your employer will begin to make contributions into a retirement plan for you for each and every hour that you work. It costs you nothing and it continues to grow every day.

And More
As a member, you also have access to additional benefits, such as the Available for Work List, the Membership Directory and networking activities to help you get work... and Local 695 is continually developing educational and training programs to keep our members abreast of new technology. And as members of the AFL-CIO, all IATSE members are also eligible to take advantage of discounts for a wide variety of goods and services, can participate in special home mortgage programs, and much more.

To Learn More about the IATSE
Visit the IATSE website at http://iatse.net/


If you have additional questions about how to join Local 695, please email or call us at (818) 985-9204 and ask to speak with a Representative.

You need to:

    Get on the Industry Experience Roster
    To get on the Industry Experience Roster, you must be able to prove that you’ve worked at least 100 days in the appropriate classification within the past 36 months and then complete the Contract Services Industry Experience Roster Application. To obtain an application, call Contract Services at (818) 565-0550 or read this page on their web site www.csatf.org/rosters-lists/industry-experience-roster and review their instruction page with a link to the application form here www.csatf.org/rosters-lists/industry-experience-roster.  You’ll need to verify days worked with check stubs and a letter from the employer or payroll company.

    NOTE: Even if you’re not ready to join at this time, we recommend that you make a habit of saving all pay stubs and other paperwork that can be used to verify your work experience.  And in order for those work days to count towards placement on the Roster, be sure that your callsheets and pay stubs list you in the same job classification that you plan to use when you request placement on the Industry Experience Roster.  “Audio” may not be accepted by Contract Services because they prefer more specific titles, like Sound Mixer or Boom Operator.


    Become a member of Local 695
    To join Local 695, you need to make an appointment to come to the Local to submit an application form and membership fees. Begin by contacting us here.


Questions about joining?
call (818) 985-9204 or contact us here

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